The great Australian explorer Hamilton Hume opened up the area in the early 1800’s and the 32 hectare development on 650–700 Hume Highway, Craigieburn continues the pioneering spirit. With six distinct commercial precincts of substantial scale, there is nothing else like Humex. A new chapter is being written in Australia’s history.


Our vision:

When the City of Hume sought expressions of interest for developing the land at 650-700 Hume Highway Craigieburn, JTX embraced the opportunity to create a unique mixed use development unlike anything in the Southern hemisphere.

The vision for the site is a truly mixed use development of landmark proportions to excite the dreams of every home and business in the largest growth corridor of one of the world’s great cities.

The land development on 650-700 Hume Highway, Craigieburn is unique. There is nothing else like it. There are no existing terms that fully describe it. In the creation of the brand we formed the belief that such a significant development demands a new word to enter our language. Its scale and contribution the city is enormous and worthy of landmark status.

The site will be known as Humex.

Our positioning:


This is central to the Humex development. The building materials display centre will be the largest place in the Southern hemisphere for home fixtures and fittings, furniture, interior and exterior finishes and materials. But the development will be home to lots of other services to support the building of new homes (such as the big box retail) and the already established homes in the area (including the hotel, convenience store, fuel, supermarket, gym, car wash, medical suites etc.)


The building material display centre and other services also apply to businesses, whether they are being built or already established in the area. But the word business also implies that the development is a place for businesses doing business. This helps distinguish the Humex development from a shopping centre, plaza or mall.


This is a key word. It helps give the development the dimension it deserves. There is nothing on the scale of this development elsewhere offering the same things. It suggests that you will find everything you want for home and business here. It acknowledges the diversity of the development and it promises something special. It helps to frame the Humex development as a destination and a landmark worthy of the trip from all parts of Melbourne, regional areas, interstate and even international.


JTX obtained a unique permit for development of the site rezoned from Business 3 to Commercial 2. This provides more rights of use and much greater scope and flexibility in the types of uses and the scale of the businesses including; Supermarkets, Retail, Bulky Goods, Offices, Showrooms, Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Hotel accommodation. A truly mixed use development of landmark proportions to excite the dreams of a growing community.

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