JTX offers investors special purpose investment vehicles to meet varying investment objectives. 

There are opportunities for local institutional, offshore investor partners, listed companies and high net worth individuals, to have access to a Australian Financial Service (AFS) Licensed Fund to enable investors to channel and meet their investment requirements whether that be permanent residency, investment in Australian shares, residential and commercial property or a combination of investment objectives. 

The fund, Global Significant Investment Visa Investment Fund Australia (GSIVFA), is fully owned by JTX, in conjunction with Jason Chen from Financier Australia. GSIVFA makes available a suite of special purpose investment vehicle (SPV) property developments from which investors choose to invest in one or more SPVs appropriate to their individual desires, preferences and objectives.

For many of our projects our consortium corporate structure and equity investment fund greatly reduces the reliance on banks and traditional funding avenues and in many cases provides 100% equity on acquisitions. This provides for greater certainty and less risk for our investors.