Why Global SIV?

Global Significant Investment Visa Investment Fund Australia (GSIVFA) is committed to outstanding commercial, residential, mixed use and retail property developments that offer returns for investors that consistently deliver well above government bonds and any other SIV compliant investment vehicles.

Their extensive resources and dedicated expertise promotes maximum development potential across a wide range of projects, including use-specific expertise in hotels, medical, aged care and childcare.

GlSIV is dedicated to removing the guesswork from development. Their aim is to arm investors with a high degree of flexibility across Alliance or Joint Venture Partnerships that guarantee success whilst minimising stress and maximising success and profits.

Global SIV Fund overview

  • SIV investment compliant Fund.
  • Fund protected by mortgages against realestate.
  • Funds are not pooled–investor’s money can be secured by registration over the underlying security property.
  • Stable returns – Fund aims to achieve per annum returns of 6-10%.
  • Additional per annum returns of 20% plus via real estate investment.

How secure is your investment?

Very importantly, all developments are secured with the investor as bank with a 1st and 2nd mortgage over property asset. Returns over 20% p.a. are common with additional equity and profit share opportunities.

Why Australian Property?

Historically, Australia has generated strong returns averaging 10% per annum over the past 10 years. A strong economy, foreign capital in-flows and declining interest rates dictates a more than favourable outlook for the foreseeable future.


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