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Humex is a 32 hectare development in Craigieburn. This visionary development includes:

  • the largest building materials display centre in the southern hemisphere
  • the largest indoor play and entertainment  centre
  • a 12 storey 4 - star hotel with 256 rooms
  • a modern medical centre the size of a hospital including 7,000 sqm day surgery clinic & allied health
  • mixed use commercial retail and offices
  • bulky retail and warehousing
  • convenience retail and service station
  • unique access and advertising opportunities

JTX holds a unique permit for development of the site rezoned from Business 3 to Commercial 2. This provides more rights of use and much greater scope and  flexibility in the types of uses and the scale of the businesses including; Supermarkets, Retail, Bulky Goods, Offices, Showrooms, Warehousing, Distribution, Manufacturing and Hotel accommodation.

The family-friendly location is home to some of the best schools in the area, a  farmers’ market, football ground and hectares of parks and open spaces with walkways and bike paths. A strong sense of community spirit already exists in the area - It is a place where neighbours become friends and people regularly join in community events. This will ensure excellent patronage of the community service offerings including; childcare facilities, a major medical centre, banks, post office, convenience retail, fuel and fast food.

The development provides high amenity interfaces between the buildings on the site and its interfaces.  The built form and urban design is a high standard achieved through:

  • Implementing a design philosophy that is focused on creating a sense of place, community and distinction as defining aspects.
  • Creating a high quality business precinct in this strategic location along the Hume Highway.
  • Establishing pedestrian access and connectivity through linkages between the subject site and the Galada Tambore Pathway and the existing residential area to the west of the site.
  • The provision of a main boulevard into the site from Hume Highway incorporating extensive landscaping and canopy treatment along the main thoroughfare.
  • The use of materials and finishes of a contemporary feel, that include a variety of textures, colours and materials to provide diversity and visual interest to enhance the visitor’s experience and ensure the development becomes an integral element to the surrounding area.
  • The use of landscaping that will serve to further enhance the quality of external spaces within the site and its interface with the surrounding area.
  • Signage and branding of the site allows for suitable identification and promotion.
  • To reinforce the sense of arrival with an identifiable landscape treed avenues reinforce the vehicle and pedestrian circulation and strengthen connectivity with existing links, car park areas and building settings in a soft landscape.

This landmark urban renewal project will be delivered in close cooperation with local council.



Humex is a landmark development with the largest building materials display enter in the southern hemisphere.


  • Location: 650 Hume Highway Craigieburn
  • Size: 32 hectares
  • Architect: Crosier Scott Architects
  • Date of completion: estimated 2018
  • Cost: $1.7 billion
  • Dominic Isola, Hume CEO
    03 9205 2200
  • Cr Geoff Porter (Past Mayor)
    0400 091 567

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Humex Information Memorandum