The JTX Model

Our secret to success is the combination of tailored consultant partners, committed investors, relationships with tenants and stakeholders managed effectively through our efficient systems and processes. More Detail

Construction & Development

We identify significant project opportunities and bring together the design and construction partners together with tailored consultants to deliver large scale true mixed use developments. More Detail

Project Management

With superior expertise in project management, our partner Elle Chic has the expertise to oversee complex and high value projects to ensure they are delivered to the highest exacting finishes, on time and on budget. More Detail

True Mixed Use Development

Mixed use developments are not new. What is new and refreshing about our true mixed use developments is the vision that is at the nucleus of all design thinking. More Detail


We know the importance of environmental sustainability and understand the advantages associated with providing highly sustainable outcomes. More Detail

Investor Opportunities

We have a network of investment options and match the right investment model and investment partners to each project. More Detail