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  • Construction & Development

    JTX creates visions and has the capacity to make them a reality.

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  • Project Management

    Our leadership guides the experience of our partners in a powerful team.

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  • True Mixed Use Development

    Our smart living concept goes way beyond residential and commercial to a future every community will feel privileged to experience.

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  • Investor Opportunities

    We have a network of investment options and match the right investment model and investment partners to each project.

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Mixed Use Development

Our vision for smart living that starts with smart thinking. Through true mixed use developments we create a future communities feel privileged to share. Read More

Sustainable Development

JTX recognises the importance of environmental sustainability and understands the advantages of highly sustainable design and construction. Read More

Significant Investment Visa

The Significant Investment Visa (SIV) provides an opportunity for individuals of high-net worth and their families to migrate to Australia. Read More

Who We Are

JTX has a unique approach to property and development. We assess the requirements of each project carefully then match the consultants and build partners to deliver the specific strategy.

We manage the strategy and goals to capitalise on the capabilities of our partners and the unique characteristics of each project.

JTX partners with some of the largest building and construction companies in Australia with the capabilities to deliver the JTX vision for each project on time and on budget, every time. We have partnerships with ProBuild, Watpac, Brookfield Multiplex and other specialists in design and construction.

We use our own intellectual property and employees to manage the project strategy, the goals and the methodology. We have confidence in our systems and processes so we ensure we realise our project vision through working with the best architects, landscape designers, surveyors, engineers, sustainability consultants and construction partners chosen specifically to suit to the unique aspects of each project.

Through our partner Global SIV Investment Fund Australia we offer outstanding commercial, residential, mixed use and retail property developments that offer returns for investors well above government bonds and any other Significant Investment Visa (SIV) compliant investment vehicles.

The SIV provides an opportunity for individuals of high-net worth to migrate to Australia. It provides permanent residency, allowing work, travel and study rights to the main applicant, their immediate family and dependents.



The imagination to conceive with the courage to believe and the determination to achieve.